Students are assessed by skill level during the their first class and grouped accordingly. We will keep an eye on individual progress and make adjustments from week to week if needed.
Non skaters will need to enroll into the "Basics" program initially with the possibility of advancing into the "Skills & Drills" program once they are ready.
We average a 6:1 student to instructor ratio.
The introduction of skating can be a scary process. It is normal for young participants to cry for the first couple of weeks; we are prepared to deal with this. We ask parents to be patient and be prepared to attend classes consistently every week. We will be able to determine if your child is mature enough to participate within a 2-3 classes, if not we will discuss options with you at that time. Typically we have non-skaters moving independently within 3-4 classes.
All skaters are required to wear a CSA approved helmet with a face cage. See our Getting Started section for more details.
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